How would things look if God was in charge?

Recently I contributed a series of devotionals for a group of men from my church. I thought I’d repost them here. It is a five part series around the theme of God being in charge of things.

This is part 1. The other posts in this series are here.

Have you ever asked yourself this question:

How would things look if God was FULLY in charge?

“Well hang on a minute” you say, “of course God is in charge, He’s God!” Sure, but one look at the state of things and we collide with the now and not yet of our faith. Jesus has already restored all of creation to Himself but the restoration is not yet complete.

This series explores this theme of How would things look if God was in charge? It’s a topic that causes me to ask myself hard questions and wrestle for answers – many I haven’t found yet. I’m hoping to spark something similar in others.

The world, with God in charge

We have an example to work from. The last time God was fully in control of all things was before the fall. By fully in control, I mean that everything was as He intended it to be, because one of the first things God did was hand the reins to us. Try thinking of mankind as Gods middle-management, assigned the job of taking care of things according to His design.

Sometimes we oversimplify Eden as being a wonderland for us to frolic in – naked apparently! But in reality we were tasked with ruling it, subduing it, and being fruitful (Gen 1:26-31). Gods work of creation was completed, everything was as He intended – and there was work to be done.

Did you know that even though God created trees and plants and seeds of all kinds on the third day there was no vegetation until Adam and Eve came along? Gen 2:5 tells us

Now no shrub had yet appeared on the earth and no plant had yet sprung up for….. there was no one to work the ground.

God may have finished his task of creation, but man was just getting started. There was a planet to populate and grand projects to embark upon. The imagery we are given is of a garden that needed tending. Clearly the Earth is all that and much more. It is our task to fulfil its potential!

So what about us then?

As you spend another day doing whatever you do, consider that your labours were given to you by God as a blessing. Central to our place in the order of things is the need for us to work, to create, to serve, to build, to maintain, to plant, to harvest. You were placed here, now, to tend to Gods creation. Our efforts for our families, our jobs, church, friends – whatever – must take on new meaning when viewed in that light. Consider this: your work, done the way God intended, is worship. You are working alongside the God of the universe as you engage with the creation that He placed you at the pinnacle of.

Think about the areas of influence you’ve been given – your job, family, university, friends, church, neighbourhood, etc… and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How am I fulfilling the God-given potential placed in me?
  2. How am I fulfilling the God-given potential in the world around me?

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