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From time to time I build websites for people. Here are some examples…

How to fix XML sitemap issues caused by WP Super Cache

If you’re not using WP Super Cache and Yoast SEO on your WordPress site you should be. HOWEVER, I’ve finally figured out why I was experiencing XML sitemap issues. It turns out caching messes with sitemaps. Seems pretty obvious now that I think about it… doh! The Problem I was getting all sorts of weird errors on Google Search Console. I’d… Read more →

How to host a WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform

This post will teach you everything I learned about how to host a WordPress site on Google Cloud. Recently I switched the hosting of this site from GoDaddy to Google Cloud. All in all I think it’s been successful and I intend migrating other sites I host over here eventually as well. It definitely threw up a few little fishhooks, some… Read more →