How to host a WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform

This post will teach you everything I learned about how to host a WordPress site on Google Cloud. Recently I switched the hosting of this site from GoDaddy to Google Cloud. All in all I think it’s been successful and I intend migrating other sites I host over here eventually as well. It definitely threw up a few little fishhooks, some… Read more →

Bell's Palsy Face

I’ve got Bell’s Palsy. My face has gone haywire!

“What’s up with my face?” Bell’s Palsy is what. What’s up with your face! Three nights ago, the left side of my face went on strike. I had headed off to bed with an uncomfortable feeling in my jaw and by the time I got up the next morning it was clear something weird was happening. I’d squeeze my eyes shut but my… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 8 – Beehive Criterium

Beehive Criterium So I know I described Stage 7 as the last stage, and in reality it was, but we did follow up with a final criterium race around Parliament back in Wellington the following day. It didn’t count for much – except personal glory – but it brought together all of the North Island and South Island riders together in one… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 7

Blenheim to Picton Everything is fine. I’m in love with cycling again. The last two days are forgotten. Today is my new best day ever on the bike. I know the roads around the Malborough Sounds pretty well. I first got to know these parts in 1993. I was 16 and by some miracle I convinced Dad to let me come… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 6

Springs Junction to Murchison After two days of hard riding in miserable conditions, and a disappointing result yesterday it’s fair to say I gave myself a bit of a talking to on the morning of this stage. We’d spent the night in Hanmer Springs the night before and had an early start so we could drive to Springs Junction for the… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 5

Methven to Oxford Here’s a story from back in the day. When I was in Form 1 at school, so I guess about 12 years old, I got my first girlfriend. Her name was Kelly and we had quite the long term relationship. It spanned the Christmas holidays so it lasted several months. When I say “relationship” I mean “we… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 4

Tekapo to Geraldine More than a few times this week I’ve had to stop and ask where the heck I was. We’ve hardly stayed in one place for more than a few hours. Since we assembled on the start line south of Queenstown four days ago it seems like a month has passed. We’re up at the crack of dawn,… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 3

Wanaka to Omarama   Today was a day of suffering, the most I’ve ever suffered on the bike for sure. Before I get to that though I need to again talk about this part of the country. It’s like an embarrassment of riches. I’ve never been anywhere so stunning and I don’t know why I’ve not spent that much time… Read more →

Tour Diary: Day 2

Queenstown to Wanaka It sounded so simple, 50 odd k’s from Arrowtown to Wanaka. That’s nothing – I ride 50k’s before breakfast every Tuesday morning. Throw a mountain range in the middle and it’s a different story altogether though isn’t it. First things first: Arrowtown. This part of the country is just ridiculously beautiful.  I REALLY need to spend more time here.… Read more →